Monday, 27 January 2020

How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost


Lets first talk about why we are going to choose bluehost. We will do this because:

*Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.
*Bluehost is officially recommended by Woocommerce.
*Bluehost will give us free Domain name.
*Bluehost will give us free SSL certificate, which is necessary for E-commerce sites in order to   accept payments. 

          First of all, Go to Bluehost:

1: You will see this screen first:

2: Go to main menu where first option is "WordPress".

3: Put Cursor on "WordPress" You will see  dropdown menu in which there will be e-commerce
option. Click on that. Than you will see following screen.

4: On this page, scroll down and you will see this screen:

5: Choose Starter Package from there, than you will go to this screen:

6: Here You will put Name of Website that You want, if it is available than it will be awarded to You:

7: Than you will see this screen:

8: Here You will give your correct information because it will be used latter on:

9: Scroll down, you will see Package information. You can buy 12 months or 24 months or 36 months plan but 36 months plan is most economical, its upon you what is your budget

10: Than there will be some package extras which will give you some additional functionality but i will recommend you to leave them unchecked. It will save money and they are also not very necessary to buy because some of them are freely available.

11: Than You will put your payment information:

12: Than the last thing is accept there Terms of services and Privacy Policy:

13: After you submit your request, you will be redirected to a new page to set your password:

14: Here You will set your password:

15: After setting up Password, you will be redirected to login and your password information will be sent to your email which you have provided earlier.

16: Than you will see different theme options from which you can select one, which you can change later on, or just skip this step.

17: Than you will see a page to your site. Here you can go to your site or just contact me.

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